Naruto: Shippuden – Episode 424 – To Rise Up [English Dubbed]

Naruto: Shippuden - Episode 424 - To Rise Up [English Dubbed]

Summary :-
Madara is puzzled by Naruto stopping Guy’s chakra from fading. Madara defends himself from Naruto’s punch with his remaining Truth-Seeking Ball, noticing an increase in Naruto’s power. With Son Gokū’s chakra, Naruto creates a lava Rasenshuriken and attacks Madara and the tree with it, dodging Madara’s Limbo: Border Jail. Naruto’s attack severs the tree, which appears to tell Madara to absorb it, Madara actually being told that by Black Zetsu telepathically, which Madara does. Naruto takes Guy to Lee and Gaara. In Kamui’s dimension, Sakura thanks Obito for saving Naruto, and Obito has a request for her. Sasuke frees Tobirama from Madara’s Black Receivers, Tobirama notices a change in him, and Sasuke asks if Tobirama can teleport him. Madara recovers from having absorbed the tree, telling Naruto he can’t be defeated. Naruto picks up one of his father’s kunai, powering up with his own Truth-Seeking Balls, that he would not be alone, as Sasuke appears beside him with a newly awakened Rinnegan. Madara notes he himself possesses both their powers, and prepares to fight. Madara attacks, but Naruto deflects the attack and Sasuke evades it completely. Madara realises they have discovered the working of his Limbo. Naruto readies a Rasengan with Shukaku’s cursed seals. Madara escapes Naruto and Sasuke’s attack by sacrificing his Limbo, and flies away to steal Kakashi’s Sharingan. Sasuke manages to cut Madara in half, but he manages to warp into Kamui’s dimension. There he attacks Sakura, who at Obito’s request, is about to destroy the Rinnegan so Black Zetsu cannot get it for Madara.

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