Naruto: Shippuden – Episode 419 – Papa’s Youth [English Dubbed]

Naruto: Shippuden - Episode 419 - Papa's Youth [English Dubbed]

Summary :-
A young Guy questions his father Duy on being optimistic despite criticisms from other people in the village. Duy reiterated that becoming strong is not about winning or defeating enemies, but protecting something precious. Guy continues his training and frequently sees Kakashi, which inspires him to challenge. However, Duy disagrees Guy’s proposition on challenging Kakashi and suggests to impose a self-rule. Guy follows and exerts his training just not to challenge Kakashi. After hardwork and perseverance, Guy finally graduates from the Academy and start accepting missions. Guy also notices his father taking lousy, low rank missions. Before departing on a mission, Guy overhears a conversation between his father and a Jonin which seems to be dissatisfied with Duy’s performance. He also realizes that his father’s seemingly underperformance is due to his training on the Eight Gates every night, which Duy passes and trains Guy on using it. During a mission, Guy’s team encounters the Seven Ninja Swordsmen of Mist and is cornered. Realising the danger it poses, Duy appears and tells Guy to flee while he holds them off using the Eight Gates. Guy is distraught that his father is about to sacrifice his life but Duy tells his son that he is following his self-rule. In the present time, Guy remembers his father’s self-rule: “To protect something precious enough to give your life for” and finally activates the eighth gate and is cloaked in red vapor. Madara ridicules him by saying that the red vapor reminds him of falling autumn leaves but Guy rebuffs by saying that those leaves become the nutrients for fresh green leaves and advances to attack Madara with the Evening Elephant.


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