Naruto: Shippuden – Episode 305 – The Vengeful [English Dubbed]

Naruto: Shippuden - Episode 305 - The Vengeful [English Dubbed]

Summary :-
As the search to find their comrades’ souls become frantic, as both Shino and Ino will themselves to continue keeping their comrades alive, within the barrier, the battle wages on between the Sound Four and the members of the disbanded Sasuke Retrieval Team. Meanwhile on the battlefield, Naruto is finally able to get in touch with HQ after finally finding someone from the Communications Team. When told that there was nothing that could be done as there was no-one in the Allied Shinobi Forces that could sense souls, Naruto lashes out at Shikaku for his seeming indifference to the welfare of his own son, but Shikaku merely notes that as the Chief Strategist of the Alliance, it was his duty to keep a level head and coordinates their efforts on the battlefield. Back within the barrier, as the Konoha-nins’ efforts seem even more wasted, they are further perplexed by Shikamaru’s constant aggravation of their opponents amidst their seemingly coordinated attacks. The Sound Four’s true intention are soon revealed, as they note that they had become more powerful by carrying a vengeful will which was empowering them beyond their imagination, believing that Orochimaru was the one to have reincarnate them. This soon proves to be their undoing as their ill-will festered and grew to tremendous levels, seeping out of the barrier, allowing Naruto to pin-point their location. Realising the rationale behind Shikamaru’s indirect and aggravating attacks, on the other side of the barrier Naruto creates an enormous Rasen-Shruiken and successfully destroys the barrier, freeing his comrade’s souls which return to their bodies while defeating the Sound Four. Back in their bodies, the Alliance is overjoyed to see their comrades alive and well. Conversely, however, Naruto worries, that negative feelings were still festering all over on the battlefield.


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