Naruto: Shippuden – Episode 227 – The Forgotten Island [English Dubbed]

Naruto: Shippuden - Episode 227 - The Forgotten Island [English Dubbed]

Summary :-
When Guy is abducted by a giant bird during a storm, the crew find themselves on the shore of an island home to numerous summoning animals. While Naruto and Yamato search for Guy, Aoba’s pursuit of a young woman brings him to an abandoned house where he finds a journal detailing a research group developing an ultimate summoning animal to meet their client’s demands. Naruto and Yamato find Guy as Aoba is then led to a research lab in a volcanic crater where he is shown the ultimate animal in its pupa state. Aoba learns that it is an anti-ninja weapon capable of assimilating its prey’s abilities and because of its overwhelming need to devour, it slaughtered the researchers. In the meantime, after reuniting with Guy, Naruto and Yamato follow the giant bird to the crater where there are curiously numerous animals gathered before entering the lab. The ultimate summoning animal awakens and devours two of the animals, emerging its imago form before displaying its genjutsu and lightning style attacks. The group attempts to knock the ultimate summoning animal into the magma but it grows wings and tries to fly off. The animals wanting to avenge their kin attack, while the young woman, Honoka, revealed to be a lingering spirit of a researcher who attempted to seal it before her death, subdues the ultimate summoning animal long enough for Naruto to bifurcate it with a Rasen-Shuriken and it falls into the magma. As the ship later leaves, Aoba hears Honoka thanking him.


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