Naruto: Shippuden – Episode 183 – Naruto: Outbreak [English Dubbed]

Naruto: Shippuden - Episode 183 - Naruto: Outbreak [English Dubbed]

Summary :-
Chōji says to Sakura that “Fools never catch a cold”, which leads Sakura to have a flashback of being sneezed on by Naruto during Tsunade’s first days as Hokage. When Sakura sees Tsunade at her office, she collapses to which Tsunade claims Sakura has an illness known as a chakra virus. It was an illness long ago in another village that would turn chakra into a terrible flu and Naruto recently went to that village for a mission. Tsunade, not wanting to cause a panic, orders Shizune and a team of medical ninja to capture Naruto and later recruits Choji, Kiba, and Shino to assist. Tsunade eventually captures Naruto when he attempted to hide in Sasuke’s hospital room, only for it be revealed that Naruto did not have the chakra virus and only sneezed due to pepper he had in his pocket with Sakura having an allergic reaction. Following Naruto’s release as he demands an apology from Tsunade, she refuses of admit her mistake by claiming the events as an “emergency drill”.


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