Naruto: Shippuden – Episode 86 – Shikamaru’s Genius [English Dubbed]

Naruto: Shippuden - Episode 86 - Shikamaru's Genius [English Dubbed]

Summary :- Hidan stabs himself in the chest, but instead of mortally wounding Shikamaru, he accidentally destroys another one of Kakuzu’s hearts. When Hidan demanded an explanation about why he still was alive, Shikamaru reveals to have poured Kakuzu’s blood (that Kakashi had retrieved earlier in a capsule) on Hidan’s spear, and so he had killed one of Kakuzu’s hearts. He also traps Hidan with his Shadow Possession Jutsu though the Akatsuki member is able to slowly move towards him. Being temporarily incapacitated, Kakuzu’s masked beast constructs return to his body with one of them sacrificing itself to become his heart. Just as Kakuzu is about to finish them off with another Fire-Wind Jutsu, new Team Kakashi arrives in time to stop the attack with Naruto and Yamato’s Wind-Water Jutsu combo. Naruto apologizes for being late as he and others brace themselves for battle against Kakuzu.


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