Naruto: Shippuden – Episode 55 – Wind [English Dubbed]

Naruto: Shippuden - Episode 55 - Wind [English Dubbed]

Summary :- Kakashi and Naruto meet at the training field in order to help teach Naruto how to make his own unique jutsu. Kakashi explains the principles behind harnessing one’s elemental nature and adding it to his chakra in order to change it, citing Naruto’s Rasengan as a good example of this phenomenon. As Naruto does not know what his nature is, Kakashi outlines the five basic natures that exist –Earth, Fire, Water, Wind, and Lightning. Naruto realizes that Sasuke Uchiha must have two natures because he is able to use both Fire and Lightning jutsu. Using a special litmus paper, Naruto discovers his nature is Wind. Yamato arrives and asks Naruto what his nature is and then demonstrates that his Wood style technique is a combination of Earth and Water type chakra. Kakashi tells Naruto that the ability to perfectly meld two natures together to create an entirely different nature is only possible with those possessing kekkei genkai, such as Haku with his Ice style. Kakashi tells Naruto that he plans on helping Naruto cut down his training time significantly by having him use shadow clones since a clone user is able to retain the memories and experiences of his clones after they are dispelled. Because Naruto possesses the Nine Tailed Fox’s chakra, his reserves are much larger and he can thus not only make many more clones, but also maintain them for longer periods of time. Yamato reminds Naruto that depleting his own chakra would trigger the Nine Tails and so he has been requested by Kakashi to be present in order to suppress Naruto should that occur during their training. Naruto creates multiple shadow clones and Kakashi gives them all a leaf. He assigns them the task to slice it in half using wind chakra alone. Naruto is surprised when he almost immediately tears the leaf almost in half, and Kakashi remarks that perhaps their training won’t take very long after all.


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